A group of adventurers show up in a tavern, near the outskirts of the town Tedaas, all of them summoned there by a mysterious letter from the secret organization known as The Blue shield

Tales and legends state that The Blue shield is a brotherhood of knights as old as civilization itself, consisting of alturistics, philatrophists collectivists and freethinkers who work in the shadows to further the cause of the fellow races in Elberet.

At the tavern they are met by Ser Duncan, an agent of The Blue Shield who reveals that they’ve been summoned to discuss a series of recent attacks on nearby villages. Scorched earth, burnt trees and missing livestock are common descriptions of the attack sites. That kind of evidence can only mean one thing, a dragon!

Following a brief discussion the adventurers accept the promise of a rich reward, and in turn take it upon themselves to find and destroy this dragon. Setting out towards Tedas,their first goal is to reach out to the local Lord to aid them in the first phase of their quest. Little do they know that they are being followed by the dragon worshipping fanatics of the Ashscale Cult

The League of Extraordinary Adventurers : Mission Blue Shield

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